Welcome to Silver Spur Charters

Silver Spur Charters is a comfortable, family-owned ranch in Elgin, TX.
Owned and managed by Moe & Michelle Taylor, the ranch offers events, trail riding, training, riding lessons and advertising with our horses and longhorn steer.
Along with the horses, the ranch is also home to our and longhorn steer Ben.

Just came back from Silver Spur Charters. Great atmosphere. Strongly recommend to visit it one day!!!
If you like horses - Silver Spur Charters is your go-to place! Our whole family was very much excited to see the animals, Longthorn Steel Ben in particular. My son still thanks me for that beautiful weekend. Thanks for a great time!!!!
We come here on a montly basis for horseback riding lessons. It's a pity that we do not have more time to visit it more often. Moe and Michelle are true professionals!!!
Visited this magical place with my daughter. all horses are very pretty and beautiful, especially Ben the kind one. Wonderful weekend, thank you!!!!!!!